We are a Not For Profit Organization 501(c)3.

About Us

The mission of Furry Critters Rescue Foundation Inc. as a Not-Profit organization is to "Help those who cannot speak for themselves."

They may be abandoned or separated from their human family. They may have experienced an accident or injury(ies). They may be starving, dehydrated, or on their last breath. 

We work alongside other animal rescues, foundations, and groups that provide the care and attention they need to overcome their suffering. 

As humans, we feel a great responsibility and commitment to building a planet full of happy animals by changing small realities.

We want to reach more people every day to promote adoption and save as many lives as possible in Miami, Florida, and even throughout the USA.

We want to share our love for animals with our community by providing education and resources for the following:

* Vaccinations

* Deworming

* Adoption

* Spay / Neuter

* Emergency Care

* Shelter

* Food, Treats & Water

* Vitamins & Medicine

*Warm Bed & Toys

*Helping those who cannot help themselves!*

- Joicelyn Baer, President